Introducing PhD Student Ahmed


Ahmed Osama Basil is an international PhD student who received the PhD grant and will be working on the Software Defined Cognitive Networking advertised project as a new member of the team.

Education: Ahmed finished his American Diploma with Cairo American College in 2015. Later on he finished BEng Computer Systems Engineering with a First Classification certificate from the University of Northampton in 2018.

Technology Experience: Ahmed has worked for two years as a part time Professor Assistant for the Computer Communications, Operating Systems, and Software engineering modules within the university. He has experience with numerous programming languages, mathematical modelling software, and made a couple of graphical user interfaces focused on Quality of Service and user-end feedback.

Other Skills: Ahmed has other skills like leadership, shown when he led his IT & Computing Society as its president, IEEE Student Branch founder within the university, and by being Chair of the Student Union of the UoN. From all of these experiences and past activities, Ahmed become comfortable with public speaking, presentation, organising events, leading projects and helping students within his societies and assistance classes.

To know more about Ahmed and his technological history including his projects, activities, qualifications, certifications, and programming skills click here to visit his Linked-In portfolio.

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